AH3B Non-Profit has been existence since 2015. We have a purpose to show love in unique ways as a Charity Organization. Right about now we have grown and realized that the best way to serve as a Charity Organization is to help meet the need of the community we find ourselves in and that is showing them Love. AH3B comes from the Hebrew word “Ahab” or “Ahava” which basically means Love In Action “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”.

Our Goals

  • Inform the people on eating and shopping healthy which is healthy living. Letting them know the dangers of gmo, chemicals and bad preservative in our food as we shop at the grocery store and their implications on our lives. As a result promoting organic, non-gmo and chemical free food. That way citizens can be healthy to go to work.
  • Creating Cyber Security Awareness by giving the Public, Information on how to stay secured online and browse safe.
  • We share good news to keep the under-privileged communities motivated to be good citizens.
  • Help the Needy.
Contact Us

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