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AH3B comes from the Hebrew word “AHEB” which means to LOVE.

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We LOVE life. That is why here at AH3B, we make it our life’s work to preserve life. AH3B owns land on Island of Hawaii and in Ghana. It is our heart to utilize this land to preserve the DNA of seeds and livestock. We do not place ANY chemical in the soil, water, air before, during, or after harvesting the food. We only use the pure seeds and animals that man has not messed with. And as for the animals, they eat what we eat. Genius! By doing this, we offer life to those who need to eat. We celebrate the truth that pure food brings pure life. To learn more about our operations on Island of Hawaii and in Ghana click on the USA and Ghana pages. Thank you very much. Enjoy life and be blessed!!!!!!!

Give your love to the global community. 51% of the profit from your purchase goes to AH3B 501(c)3 Non-Profit, to fulfill its mission.

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