Sugarcane is anti-diabetic but refined sugar causes diabetes

Sugarcane is anti-diabetic but refined sugar causes diabetes

I grow up chewing sugarcane. It is the best natural energy drink ever. You get sugarcane juice from Sugarcane. Sugarcane is approximately 15% natural sugar with richness in Vitamins and salt. Grows in the tropics i.e. Ghana, Africa, Hawaii and around the world. It has no fat calories. The sugarcane am referring to here is organic, raw and non-gmo traditional sugarcane. Sugarcane is all alkaline.


Nutrition contents

Alkaline, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, amino acids (tryptophan), zinc, thiamin, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium, Carbohydrate, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6.


Uses and Benefits

  1. The glucose in sugarcane hydrates the body. Instant energy when exhausted.
  2. Sugarcane is high antioxidants (i.e flavonoids, polyphenolic compounds) which empowers the immune system and fights infections such as liver infection. Therefore, fights jaundice and reduce oxidative stress.
  3. It maintains bilirubin levels which shields the liver from all kinds of infections.
  4. The potassium in sugarcane helps with the belly and gives free bowels. Therefore, it prevents constipation.
  5. This is good. It prevents tooth decay and stinky breath.
  6. Sugarcane gives shiny teeth due to calcium and phosphorous in it.
  7. It protects the enamel from decay.
  8. Chew sugarcane to get rid of cough, flu.
  9. It helps your finger and toe nails look very healthy.
  10. It prevents acne and takes care of your skin because of the glycolic acid in it.
  11. It helps diabetic people since it has low glycemic index that prevents blood glucose levels in rising.
  12. It helps the kidneys because it supports protein in the body.
  13. It makes you sleep well.
  14. It regulates blood sugar and can lower blood pressure.
  15. Sugarcane prevents osteoporosis.
  16. It lowers cholesterol.
  17. It maintains muscle power.
  18. Sugarcane is anti-cancerous.
  19. For the pregnant women sugar cane helps reduce morning sickness for the pregnant women. Chew sugar cane in the morning.


How the bad refined or processed sugar is made

Sugarcane is part of the genetically modified foods in North America. Sugar is most often made from sugarcane. Sugar is either refined or processed. Most companies who make sugar may or may not use organic non-gmo sugarcane. You can find out.

The juice from the sugarcane is separated from the pulp. The sugarcane juice is really heated until it forms into a crystal. Sugarcane crystal is off-white in color. However, the sugar everybody is used to is really white. The question is how did the processed sugar get as white as snow? Lets find out from the manufacturers of this processed sugar that is doing exactly the opposite things that the real sugarcane can do. To obtain the white color most people are used, the crystallized sugar is filtered and bleached. Bone char is used to bleach the sugar crystal. The bone char is a rigorous process of deashing and forming whitening agent from the spine or skull of cattle. These bones are heated to a very high temperature to carbon. Brown sugar is equally a bad alternative. Brown sugar is same process but at the end molasses is poured on it to obtain the brown color. Also, fine sugar is just the processed white sugar crashed and reduced to fine sifted powder.

This sugar is causing cancer, diabetes, obesity, very addictive, illnesses, mental disorders and more. Researchers say the white sugar is same as cocaine. Let us stay away from this completely. Fruits, sugarcane, honey is the best for you for natural sugars. The processed sugar has been proven to destroy the body. However, sugarcane which is the source is the best for a healthy body.




How refined sugar is made using animal ingredients


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