Never get tooth decay and bad breath using Chewing Stick with Chewing Sponge

Never get tooth decay and bad breath using Chewing Stick with Chewing Sponge

Never get tooth decay and bad breath using Chewing Stick with Chewing SpongeIt feels amazing to smile or laugh in confidence because your teeth are very healthy. I mean there are no cavities, tooth decay and no bad breath. However, we need to go back to old, ancient and traditional ways to take care of what God gave us and this case our teeth. Taking care of our teeth in a wise way will prevent issues later in life. Lets learn how to never get tooth decay and bad breath using chewing stick and chewing sponge. Generally, the two goes together but you can use one without the other.

The city lifestyle is constantly chasing money is hurting everybody whether you realize it or not. Tooth brushes and tooth paste have been marketed as the best things for your tooth. The truth is they not good for anyone’s teeth. Every tooth paste I have come across is made with chemicals that in the long run destroy our teeth and promote cavities and tooth decay. The tooth brushes cannot penetrate the tiny holes and spaces within the teeth. Come to find out flouride in tooth paste is not the natural flouride found in chewing stick and so the tooth paste with the fake flouride that most people use is hurting your teeth.

Chewing stick from the tree these nutrients: flouride, silica, Vitamin C, sodium, chloride, potassium, salvadorine, calcium oxide, sodium bicarbonate, trimethylamine, ascorbic acid, resin, volatile oils, tannic acid, sulphur and sterols.

Chewing sponge has the ability to stimulate the production of much saliva to prevent tooth decay.

Uses and Benefits of Chewing Stick

  1. The nutrients and minerals make the chewing stick be able to whiten the teeth
  2. cure bleeding gums
  3. cure inflamed gums and gingivitis
  4. remove tartar from teeth
  5. remove stains from teeth
  6. increase consistent flow of saliva
  7. give minerals to hard dental tissue
  8. give enamel strength and barrier
  9. makes the gums function well and feel great
  10. reduce plaque formation
  11. prevent tooth decay
  12. completely annihilate bad stinking breath
  13. improves the sense of tasting and more
  14. the acid in the chewing stick can break addiction
  15. cures tooth ache
  16. massages the gum and strengthens the gum
  17. kills germs and bacteria and protecting gums against irritation


In conclusion, stay away from sugar which will destroy your teeth but rather use sugarcane. Chewing stick works perfectly after meals and before you go to bed. There over 180 plants that can be used as chewing stick. Check your back yard trees. Orange, lime, neem, tea trees and more can be used as chewing stick. In 1986, World Health Organization (WHO) recommended chewing stick also called ‘miswak’ due to its efficacy for oral health.


Joshua Anquandah


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