History of deadly Monsanto

History of deadly Monsanto

Monsanto is a chemical company. Let me repeat Monsanto was a chemical company. Monsanto was an old chemical company. They were not all that profitable. They had made unsuccessful chemicals and had illegally dumped them in our (United States) ground water and as a result polluting sections of our country. Everyone from young to old started developing cancer, scary stuff. Monsanto covered the whole incident up and stayed in business.

During the Vietnam War, Monsanto was contracted by the United States government. The American government was losing the war. Therefore, the US military contracted Monsanto, a U.S chemical company to engineer a certain chemical for the Vietnam War. The Vietnamese were vastly annihilating the U.S military due to knowing the jungle. Vietnamese have been living in the jungle for generations. They knew how to navigate it, which led to them having the upper hand in combat.

Here comes Monsanto and Agent Orange. Agent Orange is a toxic chemical that contains glyphosate. Glyphosate was originally made by a Japanese researcher to kill anything living. It was toxic. Monsanto bought the patent right and the glyphosate. They renamed it to Agent Orange. Today same chemical has been trade named Round-up. Agent Orange was engineered to be sprayed on the Vietnamese bush. Agent Orange killed everything in its path in the jungle. Fast forward to today, 100% of the old Military personal have died and / or developed terminal cancer which has resulted in terrible deaths.  The U.S government labelled it “classified” and covered it up nicely and so did Monsanto.

Monsanto earned big money during the Vietnam War. They wanted to continue gaining dollars so they relabeled agent orange back as glyphosate. Glyphosate is the toxic chemical used to inject Genetically Engineered Seeds (a.k.a GMO). It is also the same chemical the farmers buy to spray on Genetically Engineered seeds.

Vietnam is now in its fourth generation from the Agent Orange disaster. Their children are suffering from long-term birth defects. Monsanto has nothing good to offer. Lesson learned: DON’T EAT GMOs and DON’T eat food from Vietnam.

As of 2019, Monsanto has sold all of its shares to Bayer. These people are real manipulators. 27 countries have ban GMO. Thailand kicked them out.

This is truth and facts revealed and not a conspiracy.

Katie Anquandah
CEO of AH3B Inc.


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