In Hawaii

AH3B goal in Hawaii is to do ONLY Mango and Moringa Farm. The location will be NE of Big Island (NE of Kona or North of Hilo).

AH3B plans to buy and acquire 1 -2 acres of land to start this mango and moringa farm. Once an acre is acquired then a well for water will be installed.

Main things to do

  • We will buy local mango and moringa seeds and seedlings.
  • Tools and equipment will be needed.
  • Office to run operations.
  • Shed to save tools from getting destroyed by rain or hot sun.
  • Bring jobs by employing people who love to work on a farm.

When all the above come to be, AH3B plans to sell the mangoes and moringa locally to everybody on Big Island, Oahu and other islands of Hawaii. Also, mangoes and moringa will be expanded to the entire United States meaning every State will be receiving fresh mangoes from Hawaii at a reasonable price for them to enjoy fresh produce from the land. This will help people grow healthy.  Mangoes and Moringa have so many uses and benefits that can be derived. The roots and bark of the mango and moringa trees are very useful as well as the leaves. The mango and moringa seeds can be used for oil . AH3B will do mango smoothies, special mango shakes and ship-a-mango project. There will moringa juices and ways to use it.

We plan giving information and education to whoever is interested in healthy self-sufficient living.

  • Purity Love

    AWESOME! Mail me a MANGO and some MORINGA!!!!!

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