Our goals in Ghana

Our heart for Ghana is to grow food! We want to help the mothers and babies who live within a ten mile radius of our mission base. We will use our property to grow a variety of nutritious crops. The planned crops are Mango, watermelon, corn, peanut, moringa, tomato, pepper, onion, plantain, banana, cassava, coco yam, sweet potato, honey, spinach, chicken, goats, and dandelion. Our goal is to help nursing mothers and mothers of children 5 and under to have access to a well balanced diet. Our second goal is to alleviate the working load on a mother to have less time at work and more time at home to care for her household. Also, every woman participating in the program will be required to participate in monthly classroom activities centered around  healthy living for her and her children.

  • to educate and inform
  • to teach theory and practicals
  • to distribute online and printed literature
  • to lobby for No GMO cultivation and No GMO importation
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