Did you know GMO seed is a Pesticide seed and a Terminator seed?

Did you know GMO seed is a Pesticide seed and a Terminator seed?

Not all that glitters is gold. Not everything from the western world or America is good. Well, GMO is the deadliest thing that emanated from America. GM means Genetically Modified. GMO means Genetically Modified Organism. GMO has been in the USA for 30 years. It has failed woefully. The truth is out!
Now people may be wondering what is GM or GMOs and how are they made in the lab or grown. A corn seed or cowpea is taken. The seed is spliced to reveal the DNA or gene. Then a chemical called glyphosate (glyphosate is deadly chemical for making herbicide, pesticide in roundup spray which kills weeds instantly upon spraying) made by deadly Monzanto (now Bayer) is inserted into the DNA of the cowpea or corn. Then either live virus or vaccine or what these companies keep secret is inserted as well. The seed now is a pesticide seed or GMO seed because a chemical for making pesticide, herbicide is now in the DNA of the seed. Ghanaians call GMO seed the Terminator seed. One President simply calls it Poison.
Well, let us look at how the seed is grown. A farmer is approached and brainwashed. The farmer is forced or made to buy this pesticide seed or GMO seed from the chemical company. They put the GMO seed or terminator seed in the ground and water it. It begins to germinate. Now, the farmers have to buy from the same company pesticide or herbicide or chemicals to spray on the GMO crop or pesticide crop every so often. Check this out, weeds begin to grow just as we all know. Much chemicals or herbicide are sprayed on both the GMO crop and the weed. The results show that the weed instantly dies or withers away but the GMO crop is still standing. The GMO crop does not die because it has the same chemical that is contained in the pesticide or herbicide. GMO crop is NOT FOOD! It is straight POISON. Nature has to fight back and so horrific weeds now pop up that need a tougher chemical to get rid off.
There are about 30 GMO seeds in the USA. Common GMO plants are corn, sugarcane, sugar beets, rice, soybean, alfalfa, squash, papaya, potatoes, cotton, canola, apple, tomato, rapeseed, beet, rose, flax, plum etc. Remember YOU CANNOT SAVE GMO seeds or PESTICIDE seeds. You have to go back to the slave master or chemical company to buy your seed plus chemicals. GMO crop alters the eco-system. Bees are now jacked up in the USA due to cross pollination between GMO and original organic crop. Some bees actually die instantly from pollinating GMO or terminator crop. Some Americans themselves have been protesting against GMOs for a while now upon a wake-up call.
The old traditional way is always the best. GHANA BAN GMO CULTIVATION AND IMPORTATION. 10 COUNTRIES HAVE BAN GMO. SAVE OUR FOOD. SAVE OUR LIVES. SAVE OUR ANIMALS. What you can do with GMO seeds or GMO crops is to uproot and burn to ashes.



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